Tech Portfolio Exercise CSS Inquiry - <a> issue

Hey, newbie here! Not sure how to maneuver around the following:

I was able to add a picture to the project using SmugMug as a host. I copy pasted the embed link the website provides into my code but when wanting to start to embellish the links using CSS (that are of course inside an anchor element), it affects the picture as well. How can I continue to style the links without affecting the picture?

Sorry if I’m misusing any terminology, still getting use to everything.

Link to project:

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Hey @lafd_96, welcome to the forums!

I believe the issue is your a rule. It declares that all a elements have background: #1348DA;, meaning your image does as well.

To remedy this, I’d suggest to find a more specific way to style either your image or links. I’ve attached a suggestion below.

I suggest...

…that you create a new rule specifically targeting a img tags and declare background: none inside it.