Teamwork No. 6

"On your branch, open biology.txt in the code editor.
Add a biology question to the file and some sample answers. For example: "

I keep trying to open the file, and modify it; but it never approves the run. What am I missing here?

Hi @hestondavis, when you say “it never approves the run,” do you mean that you’re adding the test question:

What is an animal that hunts and eats other animals called?
  a) herbivore
  b) prey 
  c) ecosystem 
  d) predator

to the file, biology.txt, and clicking the “Run” button, but you’re still not allowed to pass? In other words, that instruction turns red and an “X” goes through the checkbox?

Hope I can help you get to the bottom of this!

Hi there,

Yes. I have tried both entering the example question you pasted, and entering my own question. It never works. After I click Run, it asks “Did you add the quiz question… and then click run?” It never lets me past this section. Trying the get code option after a number of errors takes me back to the beginning of the lesson, and I have to start over.

I finally figured it out. I was trying to run the original version of the file in its original folder. Not the copy in my folder.

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I also made the same mistake. rss

@hestondavis happy you figured it out!

git add .
git commit -m “message”

git add .
git commit -m “message”

How do you run the copy in your folder? I only know how to edit the original version.

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could not complete had to opt to select the get code tab but that completes the rest of the tasks without showing the code so ok for moving onto next section but not helpful in enabling you to learn where you are going wrong unless it showed the correct code so you could compare your own mistakes with the correct version…or maybe i am just too stupid…anyway glad its over with just shame i never learnt the purpose of the course

How do you “open a file” in git?
I see the the file when I type dir at the $ prompt. But I don’t know how to open file from the command line.

You don’t “open” a file in git. Are you asking because you want to edit it? This course gives you a text editor in the centre panel.

Have you done the “Learn the Command Line” course yet?

If you really want to edit a file at the command line you can use:

nano filename

I’m not sure if the code checker is programmed to notice changes that you make using nano though.


I have the same like you. would you explain how did you solve more clear. how do you copy the file in your own one. I can not pass 4 th step. Paste there the text((in the file) and press run but it arise red warning. pls help!

I had the same problem.

“On your branch, open biology.txt in the code editor.”
It’s been about a week since I’ve done GIT and I don’t remember any of the commands. How do you open?
Could someone put the full list of GIT codes used to complete this exercise.

Little folder at the top to open.

you really confusing me now

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