Teams and game lesson remix and wonderings (Javascript lesson)

I was wondering why the factory function outside of an object would be/ is it bad to do in practice?
I feel that i would be able to understand that syntax a little easier down the line and would save me having to write out the branch to the key each time i wanted to add a new object to an array. in fact i bet i could even make this factory function account for where to put things if I added an additional parameter that switched where the object would go in the first parameter.

so then i tried to do both what the lesson was telling me to do and what i wanted to do at the same time to see if it would break anything… but it seems like there would be no problem? Soooo is it bad practice to have a fact function outside of an object that alters an it rather write it inside as a method???

here’s where i stopped

const team = { _players: [], _games: [], get players() { return this._players; }, get games() { return this._games; }, addPlayer(firstName, lastName, age) { return this._players.push({ firstName, lastName, age }); }, addGame(opponent, teamPoints, opponentPoints) { return this._games.push({ opponent, teamPoints, opponentPoints }); }, }; //add methods via the lesson team.addPlayer("Bugs", "Bunny", 76); team.addGame("Titans", 100, 98); // factfunc: add playerObj to the playLIST let newPlayerOnTeam = (firstName, lastName, age) => { return team._players.push({ firstName, lastName, age }); }; //add your players below newPlayerOnTeam("Cloud", "Strife", 77); newPlayerOnTeam("Squall", "Lionheart", 88); newPlayerOnTeam("The", "Lich", 99); //factfunc:add a gameObj to Game List let newGame = (opponent, teamPoints, opponentPoints) => { return team._game.push({ opponent, teamPoints, opponentPoints }); }; //add your games below //log check console.log(team.players); console.log(;

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