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Hi guys!
So I was trying to add a little bit to my Team Stats project. Basically, I wanted to create a method that determines wins, draws and losses using a for loop or a foreach loop. I tried the foreach loop first and it gave an error saying ‘not a function’. The for loop I have (see included code) does something but returns that all results are draws which they are not. PLEASE HELP!
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

calculateStats() {
        let wins = 0
        let draws = 0
        let losses = 0
        for(let i = 0; i <; i++) {
            if ([i].teamPoints >[i].opponentPoints){
            } else if ([i].teamPoints ===[i].opponentPoints){
            } else {
            `Wins: ${wins}
            Draws: ${draws}
            Losses: ${losses}`
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Your code is spot on! It works like a charm to me :wink: .

Are you sure you put the method inside the object and using proper indentation?
Could you post all your code inside a code block so I can look into it?

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Is there such a thing in JS? The only purpose of indentation is readability, and there is no proper way to indent considering it has no effect on how the code is interpreted.


Something to consider…

  stats () {
    let games =;
    let wins, losses, ties;
    wins = 0;
    losses = 0;
    ties = 0;
    games.forEach(x => {
      x.teamPoints > x.opponentPoints ? wins++ :
      x.teamPoints < x.opponentPoints ? losses++ : ties++;
    console.log(`Wins: ${wins}
Losses: ${losses}
Ties: ${ties}`

True but it will help in debugging. I added the code to my object and changed nothing to it, yet it worked like a charm.