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Im having issues with the Team Stats project. I feel like I have tried everything to fix the error but to no avail. Thank you for your help in advanced.
This is the error I am getting:
get _players () {
SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier

and here is my code:

const team = {
_players: [
{firstName: “Jane”, lastName: “David”, age: 28},
{firstName: “Bob”, lastName: “John”, age: 5},
{firstName: “Smith”, lastName: “Joe”, age: 27}
_games: [
{opponent: “Broncos”, teamPoints: 42, opponentPoints: 27},
{opponent: “Wolves”, teamPoints: 26, opponentPoints: 41},
{opponent: “Lions”, teamPoints: 92,opponentpoint: 62}
get players() {
return this._players;
get games() {
return this._games;
addPlayer(firstName, lastName, age) {
let players = {
firstName: firstName,
lastName: lastName,
age: age
team.addPlayer (“Lisa”, “Leslie”, 28)
team.addPlayer(“Steph”, “Curry” 27);
team.addPlayer(“Bugs”, “Bunny”, 76);

Hi @hayleyhanna403221932
Welcome to the forum!

from what I see the line of code the error message is complaining about isn’t in your code anymore. Did you post a corrected version?
I still see syntax errors though. The getters are out of scope and there is at least one spot where you’re mixing commas and semicolons.

Hello hayleyhanna,
i see that you having Scope errors in your code , your puting variables inside block scope and trying to invoke them in global. i think that might be causing an issue for you.

Hi there!
Your problem can be found here:

As mentioned by another user, you are using the this keyword outside of your object, also known as the global scope. If you have not yet gotten a good understand of the this keyword, it is a reference keyword which is used to refer to the object from which you’re calling the keyword inside.

const myObject = {
  _players: ['Jonathan', 'Mike'],
  get players() { return this._players } // this refers to the 'myObject' object.

The global scope obviously does not have a players nor games property, and therefore both getter functions and all methods whom belong to the team object should be called from inside the same object.

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