Team from Codecademy... please fix



I am going crazy right now. I have tried to build perfectly accurate while loops but it is so glitchy and throws error messages in my face. Im not talking about the red box that tells you that you might have missed a detail, im talking about the message that tells me that something went wrong and the website isn't working. And everytime I press the submit button it's buffering FOREVER. The only cure is to reload the whole page and pray that the website dosn't say "something went wrong", and you have to rebuild and reload and reset everything!


Hey st0rkf4n,

If you get the really annoying buffering error, it's an issue with your code, not with the site. Could you possible post your code so we could see what's going wrong, so we can help you?


I can even get this lesson to run. As soon as I click on I get this message.
Something Close to try again or refresh page. I have been struck with this message for several days. This has happened before. Please fix the program.


Has anyone found a solution to the problem? I just started getting this message as well. It first happened around the time I was completing the Arrays portion of PHP. I asked on the Q&A forum and was told to try going back a page using the bottom left table of contents and then returning to the page that I got the error message and quickly pasting my code in. It worked then, but I've gotten the same error message about 'something went wrong :(. ' and the method that worked previously isn't working now.

Update: Someone else posted a solution to this on another thread. Basically, just put in an error into your code, like a random 'else', submit it, refresh the page and put in your code (make sure to check for errors in your code before you submit it) and then try submitting it again. This worked for me. I realized I had an extra '=' in two parts of my code, which was prompting the weird 'something went wrong' message.

2nd Update: Actually I keep getting this error message too. I thought I was done with it, but it keeps showing up every few pages. Perhaps it's a problem with the Codecademy website or we're all making the same type of mistake in our code?