TeaCozy- Project

Here is my project. Please review and give me feedback.

Hello there!

This is my first code review :slight_smile: I wrote a few points for you hoping you may find some of them useful !

-I really like how your code looks: lean and tidy. It makes it easy and pleasant to read (mine is quite bulky in comparison).

-It would be useful to see the final result, do you have a github pages link where it is possible to take a look at it? (If not, github pages is fairly easy to set up )

-Using comments as section dividers facilitates code reading, I saw some codecademy examples of this and now I try to emulate it both for HTML and CSS.
Like this: <!----------------Featured tea section below---------------- >

-A question, in index.html, lines 51-52 there is a div id= locations element, what is its function?

  • In style.css, lines 23 & 28 niiiiice! I spent so many hours trying to get this right and it never occurred to me that I could float both logo and nav to the left and right respectively. Elegant.

That’s it! Congrats for your project, I’m already taking some inspiration from your code!

All the best,


Thank you for your time to give me feedback.
I have github pages. Here is the link: TeaCozy/index.html at main · jig-josh/TeaCozy · GitHub

i think i made extra one and forget to delete it. Thank for letting me know. i will delete.
Once again, Thnaks.