Teaching Accessibility in the HTML/CSS module?


I just got back from a conference with a lot of discussion about accessibility. I’m still a beginner, and I’m surprised that the topic hasn’t really come up in any depth for me yet on my learning path, (Codecademy, workshops etc.) It seems that it would be prudent to start as you mean to go on and include a module on accessibility within the introductory HTML/CSS course, in amongst the other fundamentals like positioning - because it is pretty fundamental to site design, right? The ‘Make/Deploy a website’ courses cover a bit of Bootstrap and Git, and I reckon - if we’re talking about things a beginner should know from the start - accessibility is just as important as those.

I did find this article https://www.codecademy.com/articles/ready-accessibility, ‘Accessibility and HTML’, just by Googling - I’m not sure how I’d come across it easily on the main site - but it’s pretty brief, with a quick final mention of ARIA and the advice to ‘go check it out’ which ends the lesson rather abruptly (it’s not as if in prior modules it said ‘Bootstrap - go check it out’ or ‘CSS positioning? Yeah, just go check the spec’).

It would just take someone with the desire to turn it into a unit or module as part of the course. That’s kind of the idea, isn’t it - that accessibility shouldn’t be a tacked-on added extra, a complex bit of future-learning you don’t need to know right now, an optional flourish, but part of the app/site’s design from the start.

Thanks for reading and, hopefully, considering.