Teachers and Codeacademy


I am a teacher who has recently taken over a small Robotics class. I’m trying to have them develop some Java skills, and found the Codeacademy lessons for them to walk through. What I would like to do, however, is monitor their progress and even grade some of their responses (if for nothing else than to include marks in the gradebook for when the bosses sniff around), however even though Codeacademy has a page regarding using Clever to log in, there doesn’t seem to be any tools or anything that can assist a teacher, or an informal group/gathering. Are there any other educators out there that have successfully implemented Codeacademy into their class?

Absent of the supports sought/requested, we’re left to our own devices. Unfortunately, that leaves grading responsibility to you.

A lot of this stuff is either one gets it, or they don’t. Hopefully a teacher is surrounded by sponges and not cobbles. Hopefully your lesson plan would find the shoreline of the beach dwellers.

If I’m a teacher it follows my hope is to be surrounded by enthusiastic learners. Put all this coding stuff in front of that crowd and watch the sparks, is what I would hope for. Grade the enthusiasm, not the outcome. Light the lamp and include the whole group at what ever level of participation that may be. Teachers are really just the primers and pre-heat of the future.

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