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Has the ability to set-up accounts for a class of students and track pupil progress been removed?

I had managed to set-up pupil accounts for a class last year but am unable to do so for my current class.


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last i heard? Yes, support for this feature does no longer exist. But i can’t find the source.

That’s a shame, that was a useful feature.

Thanks for your reply.

There’s a post here which mentions this change and the rationale.

We’re still aiming to bring a new and improved teacher tool to Codecademy in 2018.


Thank you… that link was useful.

Same here, used it last year. Wanted to set it up for the final lessons of this year and couldn’t find it anywhere. Major drawback as now I’ll have to find and set up a whole new system with a different platform where I’ll probably stay. Last year was already a bumpy ride with the old courses going down mid-term, now this :confused:

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Hi, can you tell me when the teacher tool will be returning? I want to use it to assign summer work.


I am looking to get set up for my high school classes for this year and I still do not see any teacher/class tools. I thought the previous ones they had were fine, but as far as I can tell they haven’t been replaced. Using Google Classroom is really not that good an alternative.

Unfortunately, I’ve found Codecademy’s understanding of the teaching profession and eagerness to adapt to its needs to be far less than stellar. Their choices have been problematic multiple times for my classroom. But even more problematic was the timing of their actions. Usually I found out it was changing or going away just before my course was slated to begin.

Having used the teacher tools in my classroom for a number of years, I felt they were completely adequate. As we have been without them now for quite some time I have already begun transitioning my curriculum to other resources. The Google classroom option is simply not a replacement for the teacher tools in my case.

If the teacher tools are gone yet another year, I plan to completely transition away from Codecademy by the start of the 2019/20 school year since it would be clear at that point that Codecademy is not serious about supporting teachers in their classrooms and has insufficient understanding of our needs to be relied on.

I hope they prove me wrong. :wink:


What teacher resources have you moved to? I have used Codecademy for awhile in my classroom as well and dislike the removing of it.

It’s the start of a new school year. I was wondering when the teacher aspect of this was going to happen? I can’t seem to find it.

I would hate to have to find another resource that has what I want.

Google Classroom is not ideal for my class setup.

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I am searching for an alternative to khanacademy but so for Codecademy cannot compete with what is available for free.

Unless there are some serious pupil tracking applications that are on par with khanacademy(which remember is free) its difficult to move my students attention towards this platform(even if I like this platform more it needs teacher resources.)

Some free resources worth looking at are:

  • khan academy
  • repl.it

Khan Academy’s content is rather focused around html, css, javascript, and the Internet. For some courses, that will be ideal. It has teacher tools that work, though they weren’t as seamless to use with CS as with their Math content due to some UI bugs…maybe that’s fixed now.

Repl.it has a broad content offering since any verified teacher can make a course. You’ll see courses from universities, some for high school, some for who knows what audience :wink: Previewing the content is recommended. Repl is one of the more flexible platforms. It supports quite a number of languages. The teacher tools allow you to see progress, view student solutions, or even send them back for correction. Plus, if you don’t like a prompt or problem…change it :wink:

Thanks for the recommendation mrhelland! I’ll give a go at Repl.it.

I really wanted Codecademy to work as it was GREAT when they had the teacher resources working, but it appears they are only focused on pushing their Pro level content and not in supporting CS education in schools…

Its great that this is being reinvented, I never used the old one but I can only imagine how good it would have been. Im not sure why you couldnt have kept the old one up while you where develping the new one, maybe the resources just werent there I have no idea. But teachers, couldnt you just assign one of the default courses for your students to do for summer homework? Sure it wont be super specific in what you might need the class to be around but at least they will get some understanding of how the language works in general which is probably better than teaching only the minimum to fit your class.

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