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Has the ability to set-up accounts for a class of students and track pupil progress been removed?

I had managed to set-up pupil accounts for a class last year but am unable to do so for my current class.



last i heard? Yes, support for this feature does no longer exist. But i can’t find the source.


That’s a shame, that was a useful feature.

Thanks for your reply.


There’s a post here which mentions this change and the rationale.

We’re still aiming to bring a new and improved teacher tool to Codecademy in 2018.

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Thank you… that link was useful.


Same here, used it last year. Wanted to set it up for the final lessons of this year and couldn’t find it anywhere. Major drawback as now I’ll have to find and set up a whole new system with a different platform where I’ll probably stay. Last year was already a bumpy ride with the old courses going down mid-term, now this :confused:


Hi, can you tell me when the teacher tool will be returning? I want to use it to assign summer work.