"Tea2Go" - Portfolio Project

Hey Codecademy community! :wave:

I’m excited to share my latest web development portfolio project called “Tea2Go.” As part of my learning here at Codecademy, I’ve designed and developed a virtual tea cafe, showcasing my skills in HTML, CSS, and Flexbox.

I kindly request the Codecademy community to review my project “Tea2Go.” Your valuable insights will help me enhance the user experience and further refine the project.

Check out “Tea2Go” here: GitHub Repository

Thank you all for your support and encouragement! Happy coding! :sparkles:


First of all, great work!

The design choices were onpoint, and your code is clean and easy to read. Anyone can see that you put yourself to work really hard towards this project, and i must say that the results are amazing! Congratulations!

A few things i would improve:

  1. On the main page, the heading “Last Blog posts” seems out of place. If you’d like to leave it by the left, just make sure that it follows the margin of your content. You can try centralizing it as well, to follow the format of your other headings.

  2. Build animations with CSS and Javascript to bring a dynamic feeling to the site. You can do it by:

  • Hiding sections until the reader reaches them, revealing the contents in a soothing animation.

  • Make the info cards grow or do something funny as you hover over them. The color changing in the buttons is a must, but you can add other hovering feedbacks to the user that can improve their experience.

  • As a challenge, try displaying real maps of the locations. Take it as a Javascript challenge. You can follow Google’s tutorial page for it: Adicionar um mapa do Google com um marcador ao seu site  |  API Maps JavaScript  |  Google for Developers

Let me know if this feedback was helpful!

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Thank you so much for your kind words and encouraging feedback! I’m thrilled to hear that you liked the design choices and found the code clean and readable. Your appreciation means a lot to me, and it motivates me to keep improving.

I greatly appreciate your suggestions for improvements. I’ll definitely take them into consideration as I continue to develop the project. The idea of using CSS and JavaScript animations to create a dynamic feeling sounds fantastic!

Regarding the “Last Blog posts” section, I apologize for any confusion. You are correct; it’s still under development, and that’s why it’s hidden for now.

The challenge of displaying real maps of the locations sounds intriguing, and I’ll definitely take it on.

Once again, thank you for your valuable feedback. :raised_hands: