Tea Cozy

Hi ,
trying to solve the “Tea Cozy” lesson ;
can anyone please give me hint what the task is in this lesson , I have no idea what to do , because when I click on the folders symbol in the code editor window on index.html and style.css everything is already finished . When I compare it to the design spec its identical .
Should I use Xcode on a second PC and build everything from scratch ?
Because so far I could solve the lessons with the built-in code editor from the code academy’s website on m my MacBook.
I mean that would be a big step ,and would also require knowledge about how to use Xcode and how to create a folder structure . Cannot remember , if that already was covered in previous lessons .

Build everything from scratch in your own text editor.

Focus on using Flexbox as it will be very helpful in organizing the layout.

Hi Steve ,

I really appreciate your help , I will try to find my way thru it .


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