Tea Cozy Review Request

Hi All,
Here is my project:
and link to code:

I’ll be grateful for some comments (good or bad) :wink:
Best regards

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Hi, thank you for your nice comment.
Your work looks great as well.
I’ve just found two minor things that you can improve:
give opacity: 0.9 for the whole page and a seashell color for buttons at navigation.
Best regards

Aesthetically this looks great, but I’m not seeing any flex wrapping happening when I shrink the browser.

Hi, thanks for comments. You are absolutely right. Working on it now.

Please take a look. It should work fine now.

I see the wrapping on the teas and location sections–great job!

Your nav-bar/header and mission sections are still unresponsive when I shrink the browser.

For the ‘#mission’ in CSS, I think you’ll want to change “width” to “max-width” to allow it to shrink when making the browser smaller. For the nav, I’m trying to figure out what’s causing this–I’m not sure, but maybe it’s because the ‘buttons class’ is set to “width: 30%”. I didn’t use a set width for the navigation buttons in my project and it seemed to work.

You can check out my live site and code if you’d like! Hope this helped.

Thanks a lot for advice. I’ll try to fix my code in a free while.

Best regards

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Hi, I think, I’m finished with this project at last!
I’ve learnt a lot by the way, so, thank you once more.

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It looks great! :slight_smile: I’m happy to have been of help!