Tea Cozy - Review/Critique/Advice

Please provide a review of my project: GitHub - tummytucker94/tea-cozy.
I did my best and not everything fits the specs exactly, but I am still developing. I would appreciate it if you could review it


Please can I have some feedback on my project :slight_smile:

One thing I noticed is that you used the images as downloads to your desktop. In future, using the img url is better as people in your case would need to have the files local to see them.

I can only see the code in its raw format and not what it looks like overall but i think it is simple enough and well labelled. It may be helpful to get a netlify account so you can see what your sites look like live.

In my opinion, you knocked this project out the park.

  • The only thing that I do see is that it is not responsive but that another lesson that will be taught down the line.

Here is the live project: https://tea-cozy-1911.netlify.app/

Thanks so much! i was really proud of this project!

Hi. Nice work!

Here is my live project:


Could you guys offer some feedback/review?
Would be much apreciated

Here’s my project ! I would love feedback as I definitely struggled with some of the design components. The “Tea of the Month” and “Locations” sections’ still need a little tweaking to get them perfect but overall I feel confident with this.

Im sorry for taking forever to reply back, I am working on javascript now. However, I think everything on your webpage is good. The only thing that bothers me is the opacity level of your header. i think that it should remain a solid black and not become clear when you are navigating your webpage.

don’t worry, i’m also logging in every now and then, between the droplets. unfortunately it’s hard for me to keep up the pace as life takes over. good point about the opacity on the header. i wasn’t sore what was bothering me also, but you pinpointed it. 10x

can you show us al live copy of your code

Here is my project.
I tried to make it a bit responsive.

What do you think?

live project: Tea Cozy

Code: Ben-seb.github.io/Tea _Cozy at main · Ben-seb/Ben-seb.github.io · GitHub

I don’t see much wrong with the project. I think that you knocked it out of the park. Can I ask you: what was the most difficult thing about the project?