Tea Cozy Review and Questions

I have completed the Tea-Cozy project with a fair amount of challenge, and a few hacks that seem unnecessary from looking at other code, so am curious if anyone might see where I went astray.


  • to keep my body from displaying under the fixed header, I had to add an extra empty div (class = “cover”) with opacity 0, and then use z-index so that the header was on top, the “blackout bar” as the 2nd layer, and the main body as the 3rd layer. No solutions that I see have done this, so I can’t tell if I simply messed up some tags or styles somewhere that I’m missing.
  • My font colour is white instead of seashell. When I switch my global style to use the * selector instead of html or body, it switches (for everything including my labels), but then I get a whole slew of new issues including with my padding and margins. I’ve read up a bit on global styles, and found that fonts styles should generally be created within the body rather than html style, but can’t resolve this issue.

Thanks for any feedback you can offer on these questions.