Tea Cozy Project

This is my practice for Tea Cozy project.


Welcome for any advices.

Hello @arc1271252463,
Looks like you did a great job on the project. Responsiveness is good. :+1: The only thing I saw real quick would be that when the screen is small enough you can’t see the Locations option in the navbar menus. So maybe I would add a hamburger menu when the screen size gets below that 720Px size. Awesome work on this.

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Hi @arc1271252463, This looks nice, clean and graphically pleasing to me. I am just beginning my Front-End Web Developer journey, so I appreciate being able to view the work of others!
Great work!


Hi @java1586550327
Thank you for reviewing my work.
I am at beggining of my Web Development journey as well.
Wish the best with your journey and lets never give up.
Thank you.