Tea Cozy Project


I am a new user here and I really need some help with my Cozy Tea project :blush:
Can you please advice why the background pics are duplicated on my screen?

I think I will have a lot more questions later :tired_face:

Thank you !!!

Hi, there!

Welcome to the forums!

The duplication is due to the size of the image used in the background being too small to cover the space and the initial value of background-repeat being “repeat.” Take a look at Codecademy’s docs on background-size and see if that can help you better understand your problem!

I like to take a more guided approach to assisting others. But if you need further assistance or explanation, I will happily assist!

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Thank you for your help!

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Hi web5677313517

Welcome tp the Forum

if you still need any help below is the link to my version of the Tea Cozy Project

GitHub - jalcoding8/jeanine-TeaCozyProject.github.io (GitHub)
file:///Users/jeanineloughlin/new_projects_codecademy/TeaCozy/index.html (webpage)

The first url (GitHub) will let you see the CSS used.