Tea Cozy Project

I have corrected my approach to this exercise a few times learning quite a lot from errors.

It has been completed, althoug I can not really figure out how can I apply a transparent background to an h2 with a class of “center” writing “Locations”: can anybody tell me how can I do that? Its been highlighted with a red border.
I have tried selectors combinations, class, etc and it seems there is a conflict I can not find. It is supossed to be a very easy thing to do right?

Other than that, my takeaways:
Keep things tidy.
Be consistent when applying css to your html
Factorize, factorize, factorize.
Re-use code - structure.

Hi there,

So, when you use the * selector, it selects all elements.

<div class="titdirecciones">
    <h2 class="center">Locations</h2>

Your H2 is wrapped in a div, so your .titdirecciones will also need background-color: transparent;

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hey @kirativewd,
thank you!

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actually, this would be a case of parent - child relationship where the parent dictates (and in this case) the background thing.
A few things I have written in this code are not properly applied. Apart from the good practice of your code, I have also found answers to my questions here:

from the lovely Kevin Powell.
This KP post points out most of the issues I had. Issues that are mainly alignment techniques, spacing and fit as @mtf wisely points out here in the forum (

Hope it helps people with so many questions like I have

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Hey, i just did the Tea Cozy Project, i hope to get some feedback on how i’m doing.

Github code Here.
Live site Here