Tea Cozy Project

Tea Cozy Project

Well, I finally finished the Tea Cozy Project - I did struggle with this at first and had to do some research on the nesting of flex boxes. Overall I’m satisfied with my results. My project follows the “layout” criteria specifically.

my solution is here :

[Tea Cozy]

would be very interested in any feedback as to my solution, use of code, layout, etc.

Thanks and Happy Programming



It looks great, well done for completing it!
The only little bit of feedback I’d give is that the two flex sections for the teas and locations break on smaller screen sizes (phones and tablets in particular by the looks of it):

At a look through the code, this seems to be because they’ve got fixed widths, for example this one:

As an alternative perhaps you could use a relative measurement such as em or % instead?

Congrats on completing it! :clap:

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This may be true, but this project is completed before the responsiveness section of the front-end career path, so they can cpme back later to fix that. Great project OP. :slight_smile:

Hello I had problems with text-align

Hello Can you suggest any improvment for my box content?



would you please give me some advice on my version of The Tea Cozy Project?

Location section- when I set a width, then items in .locations then boxes with adreses do not wrap when I resize screen, from the other hand when I set max-width then I get narrower section than 1200px. Would you please give me some advice on that? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You can try to play around with dimension’s max and min values, which were studied in course already. Worked for me

Hi guys! Please check my code. Maybe there will be some tips on how to improve it. For me, it was a rather difficult task and I spent 2 days to complete it.