Tea Cozy Project

hello ^^, this is my responsive project

Complete Site

sharing is learning :wink:


Looks awesome and the responsivity is great, well done! :tada:

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Hi guy,
Here are my:


Looks awesome, congrats! :clap:

The only very minor thing I would suggest with the responsivity is that on smaller screen sizes (the example image below is simulating a phone) the navigation bar can overflow on the content below:

But overall it’s great, well done!

Hi guys! Here’s my project if you’d like to take a look. Any suggestions?

Btw, I have a question: why is it that when we set the header position as fixed, a margin-top is added? The only fix I could think of was to give the header a position: relative and a top: 0. Is this always the case?

Here’s the project and the repository.

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oh :open_mouth: good job my congratulations :tada:

your header breaks into the following dimensions, this can be fixed :wink:

Thank you!! I’ll fix that :slight_smile:

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Hello! This is my project. All feedback is welcome! GitHub GitHub and Site tea-cozy