Tea Cozy Project

Hi, I have finished Tea Cozy project. I found it quite challenging for me.
Here is the link to deployed version.
Here is the link to repo

It would be nice to receive some feedback.
Also, I am struggling with centring boxes in “Tea of the Month” and “Location” containers. Is there any advice on how it could be centred?

Hi Valentyn,
I just finished this project too. It was pretty hard for me. I don’t think I can give you much advice. I had the same problem with centering these two boxes. In general It did a lot of try and error for positioning… and my code looks messy now…
I ended up with setting “display” of the main container to “inline-flex” with “flex-direction: column” and then could center the flex-items (=main boxes). Not sure if this is helpful. Sorry, I’m pretty new to coding.
But it looks like you were able to center the boxes after all and your website looks great!
One thing I noticed is that you maybe could use more semantic html instead of divs. Like nav, main, section, footer.
I will post my project here too. Feel free to look, compare and give my some feedback if you find time.

I just finished this project. I did a lot of try and error for positioning and I’m sure there are easier ways to write this.
Would love to get some feedback!


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Hi, I like your solution. Looks very nice. I have also tried the page on mobile and it seems really cool, everything is aligned perfectly. Congratulations)

Thanks for your feedback on my solution. Yes, semantic HTML is more preferable, you are right, but I spent a lot of time trying to make everything done so that is why I ended up with divs with a lot of weird classes, not to ruin smth that works lol.

Wish you good luck)

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