Tea Cozy Project

I had a go at trying out this Tea Cozy challenge project as part of the Front-End Engineering Skill Path. I tried to be faithful to the design spec, may have taken a liberty or two with a few things. I haven’t worked on making it properly responsive for mobiles just yet but I’ll get to that.

Tea Cozy Project (Live)
Here is the code.

any feedback, comments or suggestions are very welcome.

Let me offer my humble opinion:

  1. Good work using the semantic tags (header, footer, main, etc). This is good practice and a habit you will need to get into.

  2. With modern phones and tables having widely varied sizes and resolutions, make sure to look up the latest sizes for media queries when adding the CSS for different media.

  3. For the text, don’t use the break <br> for spacing. Set the line-height instead.

  4. Watch the height and scaling of the header when resizing. It can get pretty strange looking.

Otherwise, you’re doing well. Keep at it.

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Thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it. I’ll take your suggestions onboard when I next play around with this project.