Tea Cozy project

I cant remember how to get my Nav links to the right side as like the exercise says. please help.


This is a flexbox project, right? What does the documentation suggest to do?

Here is a SERP for the query, flexbox float right equivalent

Have a look at the first three entries. You may also benefit by reading the four articles further down the SERP.

thanks and yes it is the flexbox project. i found out what i was doing wrong lol just mis-remembered how to “flex-end” kinda mad. Anyway i found it here: A Complete Guide to Flexbox | CSS-Tricks

handy reminder. appreciate you taking the time.

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hey I’m actually having a hard time with my bottom border property. its in the header section (third from the top). can you take a look. its not showing up for some reason. when i look it up everyone just says to add style to it and i did that.

Remove the commas from line 16 of your style sheet. Shorthand property declarations are space separated.

Lol thanks. i wonder how many more times im gonna forget that before i get it.

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hello again. ran into another problem.

been trying to get the H4 under the h2. mind pointing me in the right direction?

i got it! flex-direction: column;