Tea Cozy Project solution?

here is my webpage tea cozy shop project
here is my solution for tea cozy project
link for html file(TeaCozyShop.github.io/index.html at main · SHussain330/TeaCozyShop.github.io · GitHub)
link for css file(TeaCozyShop.github.io/styles.css at main · SHussain330/TeaCozyShop.github.io · GitHub)
Review the code and suggest any further changes thanks

Here’s mine! I’m not happy with how the background of the locations isn’t properly aligned. I tried everything I could think of and I’m still not sure how to fix it. Any advice/critiques on any of the project is welcome!

Index: Index

live view

Hi, here is my take on this project. Happy to hear any comments. Thanks!

Site - Tea Cozy
Code - Git Tea Cozy

I’ve also just finished this project! if anyone can offer any feedback that would be great (I know my code is a little messy in places)!

Site: Tea Cozy Project
Code: GitHub - cedread/teacozy: My attempt at Codecademy's Tea Cozy project