Tea Cozy Project: Peer Review

Hey folks,

Spent what some would consider a dumb amount of time on the Tea Cozy Project within the Front End Engineer Career Path. I ended up finishing what I would consider a “passable” version of what exists on the style guide, but I absolutely muscled my way through this one. See for yourself, resizing the window screen doesn’t keep all the elements intact, which is definitely the reason why this project was in place. I have some hiccups in my stylesheet I feel, specifically with not utilizing clear and concise selectors and assigning what I would consider less than ideal properties to “get the job done” so to speak. Such as, During the “Tea of The Month” section. I’ve had a very hard time having the text “stick” to the images so that the images correlate to the words under them. In other code I’ve reviewed, I’ve seen people utilize and elements to style these two notions respectively, which I guess I could have done in retrospect. More than anything, I think I’m also looking for thorough insight on HTML semantics in general so I may know how to create more readable code. I just feel although at face-value it seems like passable work, when you lift the rug off it, it kinda just falls apart and it’s a bit frustrating.

Linking my GitHub repository:

Any and all help is encouraged, thanks a million in advance!