Tea Cozy Project: My code won't run

I’ve finished the project but when I try to run it in my browser to check it, it just shows my code, not the website. I used Visual Studio Code. I don’t know if I failed to link my CSS file correctly or if I did something else wrong.
Here’s the link to the lesson: Tea Cozy Project.

<!DOCTYPE html>
      <title>Tea Cozy</title>
      <link href='style.css' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>
      <img id="logo" href="./resources/media/log.png" />
      <span>Featured Tea</span>
      <div id='banner'>
          <h2>Our Mission</h2>
          <h4>Handpicked, Artisanally Curated, Free Range,
          Sustainable, Small Batch, Fair Trade, Organic Tea</h4>
      <div id='tea-heading'>
          <h2>Tea of the Month</h2>
          <h4>What's Steeping at The Tea Cozy?</h4>
      <div class='images'>
          <figure id='image'>
              <img src='./resources/media/img-berryblitz.jpg'/>
              <figcaption>Fall Berry Blitz Tea</figcaption>
          <figure id='image'>
              <img src='./resources/media/img-spiced-rum.jpg' />
              <figcaption>Spiced Rum Tea</figcaption>
          <figure id='image'>
              <img src='./resources/media/img-donut.jpg' />
              <figcaption>Seasonal Donuts</figcaption>
          <figure id='image'>
              <img ./resources/media/img-myrtle-ave.jpg />
              <figcaption>Myrtle Ave Tea</figcaption>
          <figure id='image'>
              <img src='./resources/media/img-bedford-bizarre.jpg' />
              <figcaption>Bedford Bizarre Tea</figcaption>
      <div id='locations'>
          <div class='container'>
              <h4>384 West 4th St</h4>
              <h4>Suite 108</h4>
              <h4>Portland, Maine</h4>
          <div class='container'>
              <h3>East Bayside</h3>
              <h4>3433 Phisherman's Avenue</h4>
              <h4>(Northwest Corner)</h4>
              <h4>Portland, Maine</h4>
          <div class='container'>
              <h4>515 Crescent Avenue</h4>
              <h4>Second Floor</h4>
              <h4>Portland, Maine</h4>
      <h2>The Tea Cozy</h2>
      <span id='copyright'> copyright The Tea Cozy 2017</span>

Did you save the file ending with the extension .html?

Yes, I saved it as index.html.

Very strange, did you try it with a different browser. Do you just get source code??

Yes, I just get source code. I haven’t tried a different browser yet (Internet’s down) but I will as soon as I can. Thanks for the idea!