Tea Cozy Project for Review

I thought I had posted this but cannot find it anywhere?? I don’t know if I did something wrong or…if this is a double post. If it is, please forgive me admins!

This is my project completed. The design is also responsive. I did not stick very close to the example because I wanted to really get to know flex.

Thanks for looking, all comments welcome.

Code : https://github.com/Mthibodeaux-hub/codecademy-project–teacozy

Live: https://mthibodeaux-hub.github.io/codecademy-project–teacozy/

Good job @mygothis! I haven’t reached that project in the course yet, but I’m excited for it!

The layout looks solid, and it’s very responsive, nice! :slight_smile:

The only thing I really noticed is more of a style opinion than anything: in the mission section, the div with class of content has a black background color, but since the background color of the page is also black, it almost looks like it’s dissecting the image, as if you cut it with scissors (I’m not the best at explaining lol). If that’s the effect you’re after then please ignore me, you nailed it! Otherwise another color would help that stand out more…maybe a dark brown? (ooh… or to match that purplish color that’s in the cup: #83425B ). Just an idea!

That looks like a fun project, can’t wait until I get to that point in the course.


Hi! Thank you so much! I completely forgot to post the specs…here they are, this was what we were tasked with.

Thank you so much for your review!! Can’t wait to see your projects!


Best wishes,