Tea Cozy Project (Flexbox/Responsive)

Hello, everyone,

I finished the Tea Cozy off-platform project! I tried to follow the design guideline to the best of my ability, along with adding some flair to it by utilizing CSS transitions and hover effects (e.g, nav link hover, location link/hover).

Would appreciate any feedback on my project. I tried making it responsive for smaller window sizes as well, so please test that out.

Github Pages: https://rodrigopimentel.github.io/codecademy-project-tea-cozy/
Github Repository: https://github.com/rodrigopimentel/codecademy-project-tea-cozy
Codecademy Workspace: https://www.codecademy.com/workspaces/6289590b3aed553e4df0343d

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I learned a lot from reading this!! Thanks, great project.

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Glad my work could help someone else! Best of luck coding!

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