Tea Cozy Project - advice needed :)

Hi everyone,

A bit of background - I am totally new to any sort of coding (but absolutely loving it!) and was wondering if someone could look over my solution for the Tea Cozy project and just let me know how it is?

I feel like I am winging it half the time - does my code read well? The HTML I understand, its the CSS/flexbox stuff I struggle with. I think I am getting there though?

Take my comment with a pinch of salt (very new to this too), you appear to have gone very div heavy. From what I gather it can be better practice to use more semantic HTML e.g. , etc.

Other than that the CSS and HTML look ok to me.

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Hi there. Your code is fine and pretty easy to read. I wouldn’t completely agree with @giga5171535481. You don’t have a div soup, but your code could be more semantic. You have different sections and you marked them with comments. I’d suggest wrapping each section in a <section> tag instead of a div, and in the Locations sections you could wrap every location in an <article> tag instead.

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@giga5171535481 @janetrish - thank you both so much for taking the time to reply and for all your advice! I will certainly take everything on board and try to use more semantic tags in my code :grinning:

It is a big learning curve but I’m loving it and having someone read over everything just to make sure I’m on the right path is really helpful :blush: