Tea Cozy - Looking for advices!

Hi! I’ve just finished my Tea Cozy project from my Front-End Engineer Course and I’m looking for any advice about how to improve it. :slight_smile:

Code: Tea Cozy
Preview Page: GitHub - lucAsC87/TeaCozy: Tea Cozy Project

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Looks really good. Great job!

I have a little bit of trouble reading the “Our Mission” box, mission-text I think you called the class, because when the screen gets larger than the image behind this text goes to the right. That’s probably related to the absolute positioning.

I remember struggling with this one when I did this project, and you know what have you recently learned that could come to help you here? Flexbox. Think about how you could use it in the parent to center the things inside it. :wink: :slight_smile:

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Hey, thanks a lot for the feedback!
I’ve noticed the issue about the “Our Mission” box, I’ve solved it just by changing the position to relative and by adding a z-index to the header.
Actually, I’m more disappointed by the text in in the locations’ boxes, they’re actually raw compared to the project redline. :frowning:

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