Tea Cozy help? disappearing navbar

I am on the full-stack career path and first time posting so please don’t be too harsh :laughing:

I have a problem with the navbar disappearing after scrolling through the page. I added the z-index, but it didn’t help. I tried to add background color to it as well, but it still disappears. It seems to be behind elements as it is kind of transparent but the links are not clickable.

Also I wonder if I can make the background-image scaleable somehow. I tried with the background-size, but it doesn’t scale up when on full size.

Any help and feedback is welcomed :slight_smile:

Hi there! You have it on GitHub already, it would be nice to see your deploy. Otherwise there’s no way to help you with your background-image issue.

Here is the link for the page deployed:


Thanks! As for navbar issue, you have opacity: 0.9 applied to all elements, if you disable it, navbar won’t disappear. Anyway, that’s kinda strange

I wanted to keep the opacity tho as it was in the tasks but I will just remove it since it gives me headaches only :sweat_smile: I also tried to apply the opacity for the main only, then for some reason it didn’t apply it at all. Also tried to !important the opacity on the nav but that didn’t work either. So I am out of ideas.
Thank you for your time and reply btw :slight_smile:

Well, it wasn’t a good idea to set opacity to all elements indeed, so move it to the body selector and it will work fine. z-index and opacity in nav are no longer needed.

As for background-image:

You have max-width: 1600px in your #mission selector,
you can set it to auto and with background-size: cover; it will look like this:


Here’s you can find more info and examples:

I hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Also check path to your logo image, a little fix is needed.