Tea Cozy - Fully Responsive Version

Here’s my implementation of the Tea Cozy off-platform project. I added media queries and flex to get the images to fall into a single column on narrow devices. I also added a toggle button for the mobile menu, along with some jquery to toggle the menu.


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Thanks for posting this. Your website looks amazing.
I just finished this project too. I spent way too much time with try and error on positioning,
I’m very new to coding. I don’t think I can give you much feedback, besides that it looks great, I like the toggle menu. I assume that is java? I’m in the front-end-dev path and at this point not introduced to java yet. One think I noticed is that your nav items are not clickable (probably forgot to add a link), in case you wanted that.

Here is mine.

Would love some feedback if you find time.

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Thanks for sharing!
Check out my solution live: https://ahman502.github.io/The-Tea-Cozy/
or check out my GitHub (https://github.com/ahman502/The-Tea-Cozy) for the source code. Hope you guys like it! :slight_smile: