Tea Cozy Front-end Engineer Project

Hi All,

Just looking for someone to do a code review on my Tea Cozy project that i’ve just completed! After a long couple of days frying my brain with FlexBoxes I think I have achieved it! Of course always room for improvements i’m sure :upside_down_face:
If anyone would like to review it the details are here…



Looks nice on my mobile!! Nice work. I noticed on your locations section, the “Portland, Maine” in your middle box actually exits the black box

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On iphone8 safari and firefox it won’t show a mobile layout for me.
I also did this project a while back, I did struggle with optimization for mobile, because I didn’t use bootstrap or grid… hence a lot of media queries.
What do you think?

I’ve added a PR to your repo. Looking good.
Be careful with your formatting. For readability, I’ve fixed the indentations so it’s easier to see where the div starts and ends.

Thank you. That was really helpful especially the formatting. Do you think if I ran an auto formatting tool would have fixed those issues within VS Code?

Thanks going to head in and try to fix that issue now. I have briefly looked at bootstrap but haven’t quite got the gist of using it just yet hence why i didn’t. Your TeaCozy page looks great! How did you find it, I thought it was okay just few formatting issues which tripped me up!

There are some extensions on vs code like Prettier will help you to format code.
You can also use indent-rainbow extension to show your indentations by using colors.

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