Tea Cozy Codecademy Intermediate CSS Project

[ color: seashell;](Tea Cozy Project

Can someone please help with this project?

On the nav bar, I cannot change the text color from blue to seashell;
The “Tea of the Month” title has too much space between the ‘mission’ background image;
The tea images seem distorted;
The names of the teas under the tea images has too much space;
The title “The Tea Cozy” underneath the teas section has too much space;
After the tea cozy website and the telephone number has too much space between them

Can someone please assist me with this? Thank you - happy coding!

I’m sorry here’s the Github link -


Hi, there!

I can see that you currently have color: seashell on the <ul> element. This is not a high enough specificity to change the color of the <a> tag, as the browser’s user agent stylesheet has a color applied directly to the anchor element. To override, you can simply create a new rule to change the color of <a>.

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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