Tea Cozy: code review request

Hi there!

I’m 18% into the front-end career path. I have just completed the tea cozy project and I would appreciate any code review.

Here is my code: GitHub - Sylbo21/tea_cozy: codecademy off-platform project for code review

All suggestions of improvement would be greatly appreciated:

  • How could my code be better organized?
  • Are there some styles that could have been achieved more efficiently?
  • Are there any good practices that I am missing and that would improve my code?

Thank you in advance for your advice!
I would be happy to offer my help in exchange for someone else’s code review.


At this size there’s not a lot to say (you should host it with github though and maybe get more design feedback from other users).

One thing I personally find useful for CSS though is a table of contents. It can quickly become out of control (especially when returning to a project, or in a teamwork environment) and a having a table of contents as an anchor goes a long way to mitigate that: CSS Comment Example – How To Comment Out CSS

Nice job in general.

Thank you for your reply and advice! I’ll think about the table of contents for larger projects.