Task side keeps jumping on top of the page

So I’m doing a bunch of courses and i’m at python atm. I’m having an issue whenever i try to scroll down on the “tasks” side, it keeps jumping on top as soon as i click on anything else. It never happened before while doing the rest of the course and JavaScript before that. It’s super annoying and i can’t do it this way without losing my mind. How can i fix it?

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Sounds like a bug.

Try this troubleshooting guide first and then if that doesn’t resolve it, report it:

Go here

And, be as descriptive as possible when reporting the bug so someone can try to replicate it and figure it out.

I’m experiencing the same bug, and didn’t have this problem until a few days ago. Any luck in getting this fixed? or should I open up another report?

If you are using the custome code then you must focus on the right and left padding. Never make it too large that will bring the other section at another side.

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