Task explanation has an issue


The first task is to count numbers in range from 0 to 35. ("This code counts every number from 0 to 35.")
The third one requires to stop at 50. ("Stop the counting when it prints out 50.")

Could you please correct it if possible?

Thank you :slightly_smiling:


Actually the first task isn't telling you to make it 35

it's saying "This code here will make it count from 0 to 35."

You need to fix it by changing the values.

So it doesn't need to change :slightly_smiling:


And what is the problem? First task see how it works from 0 to 35. 2nd+3rd task change the loop so that it now goes from 5 to 50.


Sorry, my bad. The first task explains how works start code. Guess, I have worked to much for today :confused: