Task Completed by Default


The code behaves correctly, however, it is already included? The task is to:
"Add a $(document).ready(); call in script.js. Remember, the document is special: it's not an HTML element like <p> or <div>, so it doesn't go in quotes."

You cannot add "$(document).ready();," as the script.js already contains the following:



The same can be said about the next task, "Place a function(){} inside your .ready(). You don't need to put anything inside your function's curly braces ({}) yet—we'll get to that in the next exercise." as that is already included in the script.js.


Some codecademy lessons will be completed by themselves. Just read them over, and understand why they work. They serve as demonstrations, rather than hands on lessons. They will likely ask you to do the same thing a few lessons later.


Yeah, I know that some will ... But this one and another I've just found say to "Do this thing" and already have that thing done - It's not one of the "Check out this code and play around with it if you want, then hit submit" lessons, this is one that you're presumably supposed to fill out on your own.


That might just be an error where it thought you'd done it so it
autofilled. If it's not consistent I wouldn't worry.


Well, an error is an error, and I don't really have a way to check its consistancy, which is why I've reported it. :stuck_out_tongue:

It's not happened on any other lessons, and has happened now for a second time, so I feel it's safe to assume it's something with this specific branch.


If you do believe it is a bug with the system, I'd advise reporting it. Find out how here.


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