Task check slowwww!

Task check has been running really really slow. Is it Codecademy’s error?

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Not really sure, it is supposed to be quick. Maybe you should read every tag that pops up to get you unstuck.

Hey @practice_portal. I recommend you run through these instructions to see if anything in this list helps with faster load times.

I haven’t yet read the instructions but I had the same issue with every browser on every OS that I tried apart from Safari on OSX.

It’s not my hardware either as my MacBook Pro 16 is the latest one with the absolute maximum specs for both the system and the graphics card. I had the same issue on my Windows machine too which although it is not as high spec it is still a very fast machine.

I was about to demand a refund until I tried Safari and found it working as it should be expected to work. I don’t know what system you have but if you own a Mac then use Safari and you’ll be fine. Chrome, Firefox and Edge were all a major headache for me.

…took a break from writing this to read the instructions posted by one of the Codecademy staff members…continued…

The other problem I had and still have even after breaking from writing this to read your page of instructions, to see if I’d overlooked anything, is that your web pages constantly crash and are unusable when trying to view pages such as https://www.codecademy.com/learn/paths/full-stack-engineer-career-path which is ridiculous when pages like this are essential to quickly access a particular section of a path. I can end up having to crash out and reload the page two or three times just to be able to scroll to the bottom.


I’ll try again with my Windows machine later on but if it’s still the same there then you guys have serious making up to do for a lot of people.

Are there any plans to fix this because your link is not enough to resolve the issue and clearly I’m not the only one to experience this.

I also forgot to point out that on top of it NOT being an issue with my hardware, it’s also not an issue with my fibre connection either as my average speed runs at around 220MBPs

Hi @code1338758246 @practice_portal I’ll DM you both to get more information about your account. I’m sorry you’re experiencing this! Talk soon.

Sounds good.

I’ll write that document for you as promised over the weekend and I’ll also shoot some videos of what’s happening when it crashes so that you’ve got a clear picture of what’s happening. I’ll also screen grab the specs for my hardware and internet speed so that you can see it’s neither of these causing the issue. For now I’m just sticking with Safari on my Mac and all is good as long as I don’t try to use anything else.