Task check is suddenly really slow

Hi, I tried checking out other topics on the issue but I didn’t seem to find a proper answer.
I’ve been using Codecademy for about a month with a Pro account and I’ve never had this issue before, but in the past few days I noticed the task check is getting slower and slower to the point that I’m getting frustrated and can’t focus on what I’m learning. I don’t think that there’s something wrong with my pc or my internet connection, since everything else is working fine and I even tried on different devices/browsers and I’m still experiencing the same problem.

Does anyone know how I can fix this problem? I’ve been really enjoying my learning experience here on Codecademy and this issue is ruining it.
Thank you!

Hm. Have you looked at/tried this?


I hadn’t come across it before. I’ve now tried disabling my browser extensions and it seems it improved the task checking speed a bit. I’ll try to look more into it and see if I can optimize it even more. Thank you very much!

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Another possible fix to speed it up is to clear your cookies and catch.

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