Task 2, the sections don't go in line

Hi everyone!

I’m having a problem with the second task. The sections won’t go in one line whatever I do. I’ve spent quite a lot of time on it but I still don’t understand what’s wrong. It’s as if they didn’t take up all the width of the page or something.

Can someone please share how you did this part?

I have the same problem. I wish someone answers.

Did you fully expand the localhost:8000 browser? If the window is not maximized, then it will rearrange itself to fit the window. Let me know if that helps.

Yep, I did. Here’s what it looks like:

Please share your HTML and CSS. Thanks.

Without looking at your HTML/CSS, it seems that you did not set the three sections “Move”, “Sync,” and “Compete” in their own div class=“col”. Try this:

   <div class="col">
        <p>Become more active by tracking your runs, rides, and walks.</p>
    <div class="col">
         <p>Access your activity on your phone, tablet, or computer.</p>
    <div class="col">
         <p>Set personal challenges and see how you rank against your friends.</p>

Sorry I couldn’t answer, I haven’t been around my computer for a few days. What you suggested worked perfectly, thanks a lot!

@fuchsie yay, glad it worked for you :slight_smile: