Task 11 in the project of meal maker

inthe hin of task 11 you have do to calculates the value of total price: " const totalPrice = appetizer.price + …" but as i know you can’t access in variable declared in function therefore the price is declared in “addDashToCourse” function ,that’s not possible? AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP IN ADVANCE

Hey, @method3884535642. Could you share the code? I think that’d make it more clear as to what the problem with the code is. :slight_smile:
I’m not sure if I totally understand what the problem is so if you could mark the problem along with the code, that’ll be really helpful!

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what i like to say that’s in the task 11 of the Meal Meaker project that the task hire to calculates the total price. and the codecademy ingeneer had passed in the hint the following : " const totalPrice = appetizer.price + …"
and you have used the variable " price" declared in the function addDishToCourse so that i know in the law of javascript we can’t access to variable that have declared in " function"

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