Tarot Card Reading- mixed messages

Hi I’m just learning Full Stack Course at 25%. This is my mixed messages project portfolio. The program is a Tarot Reading message generator. On the Java-script side of it I found it not too difficult although it is a basic little program. I tried learning git and publishing to Git Bash through Using VS Code. I found it confusing in the beginning how to do it through VS Code but eventually got to some understanding of the processes. This although could of been done through command line Git which I had a better understanding but wanted to try through VS Code commands. There was way to many commits and merges made as I was trying to figure out how to do things.

My published work can be found at GitHub - Praka27/Mymixed_messages

I’m only learning and any feedback would be appreciated. More precisely Vs Code as this is where I’m struggling.

Hi, I was just trying to have a look at your project but there is a 404 error when I hit the link that you have sent.
When I looked for your name on Github I found you, but there are no public projects yet.
Did you maybe forget to set the project on public? :thinking:

hi anschi21,
sorry about the error. I had previously uploaded my project on github but i had done a small program. after viewing other peoples projects i decided to take mine down and redo a different one that would incorporate everything i have learnt so far. Im redoing the project that will be bigger and better than what i had posted earlier. i did not fully understand the task requirements and will upload my new project and publish to github in the near future.
thanks for the concern.

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That is totally fine, just wanted to let you know :blush:
Looking forward to see the final product!

It’s always exciting to apply what you’ve learned to practical projects. Git and version control can be a bit tricky to navigate at first, but it’s awesome that you’re exploring different ways to publish your code, whether through Git Bash or using VS Code commands. If you’re interested in exploring tarot readings further, you might enjoy visiting https://flipsimu.com/yes-or-no-tarot/. They have a Yes or No Tarot cards simulator that can provide quick answers to simple questions. It’s a fun tool to play around with and get a taste of tarot readings. Keep up the great work on your project and don’t worry about the number of commits and merges – learning the process is what matters most.