Tarot Card of The Day

Hey There!

So for my own independent personal project, I want to make a tarot card of the day application. I am making it with basic HTML/CSS/JavaScript. I’m pretty confident on how I am going to shuffle the cards, since I’ve made card games before. Basically gonna do the good old Fisher Yates method. And as far as making the cards, I’m just gonna manually put everything in. The part that is stumping me is the CSS.

Does anyone know how to do the flashing shuffling card animation? You know like in tiktok or instagram filters where you press it, it flashes through a bunch of options and then it lands on one? I want to do something like that. Either have the website already flashing through the cards and then clicking the button stops it, or clicking the button starts the shuffling animation and then after a few seconds a card shows up.

I’m also open to any thoughts or idea about visuals or functionality. Just looking to connect and get some feedback. Thanks!

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Hi there, is it so that I can use it on a wordpress site? I would love to pay for it if its working.

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Hey Petrah!

Thank you for your interest, but it is FAR from working. I’m currently refreshing myself on CSS, so I can get the animation working and then I’m gonna work on JS to get it functioning. So it may be a while. But I’ll let you know when it’s done :slight_smile:

I like a lot the concept of your project!