Targeting by Class

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Both at ‘targeting by class’ and ‘targeting by id’ I feel like I am having the same problem…

targeting by class
What I enter in the main.js document is exactly the same as the code that codeacademy fills out for you after failing a couple of times, yet the instructions only turn red instead of green. Did I forget something?

My input:

$(document).ready(() => {

targeting by id
This time I can manage to get the first of the instructions green instead of red, unlike targeting by class where I can’t even get the first one green, yet the second one once again remains red even though I enter exactly the same input as codeacademy does. Am I forgetting something in the css or html file or something?

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Even when you get the correct code, copy the correct code, reset the exercise then paste the correct code, its not working

I will report the issue


Please post a link to the exercise page where this problem has surfaced. Thanks.

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i assume the following exercises:

given that is the forum section they are posted under, and the name of the exercises match



I can confirm that it this is the one:

I was going through the jQuery course this morning and found the same issue. I submitted a bug report after finding it.

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