Talking with an Adviser Prior to joining Codecademy Pro



Hi Everyone,

I'm been with Codecademy for awhile, off and on, and was interested in the possibility of joining the Codecademy Pro. However, the project I have in mind is very in depth and I wanted to talk with an memeber of Codecademy who deals with Goal Plans, or course development. That way I can get a good grasp of how long it might take, or what I might be getting myself into, haha



feel free to reply if you want to collab on a project


Hey @trenth99

With Codecademy Pro, Advisors are online to help with debugging, code reviews, and more. Advisors will also work with you to determine the best way to go through your path recommending other resources and making sure all your questions about your learning journey are answered.

Advisors are eager to help out when you need it. Advisors can:
• Recommend extra resources
• Help with tech issues & questions about Pro BETA
• Give guidance on big-picture questions
• Help decide what to learn next
• Customize your path to include more, new, or different courses
• Explain tricky concepts
• Review your code and help you understand difficult exercises

Thank you,
-Codecademy Community Manager