Taking notes while doing the courses


Hi there, starting the HTML course and was wondering if you guys take down notes etc. Is there any point?

Also if you do. How do you do it? Just write them on a pad/notebook or what?




Yes when I learnt HTML and CSS I took down notes and now whenever I'm learning something new I take down notes..

Whatever you feel comfortable. I used a book, you can divide half for HTML and half for CSS or you can have separate books.

What I would do was if I learnt example the p tag I wrote the heading Paragraph then I wrote when can you use, where can you use it and I wrote an example.

Also, don't copy what's written in the lesson rather copy what you understood.

Hope this helps :smile:


You can take a notes, and this preference might vary from person to person. I took very little notes, only if i wanted to write something in pseudo code (english, with some syntax to see how my program should look like)

Note might help, but the syntax you use very often, you will remember by repetitive use. For the rest? MDN has great documentation, so if i needed something i would look at MDN (being able to retrieve quickly what you need from documentation is good, you can't remember it all)

So, should you take notes? If you like and/or it helps you, you should take notes. Otherwise use documentation (i already mentioned MDN)