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Hello Everyone/Anyone,

I’ve been working on redesigning my website (coincidentally, though unintentionally) for the new year and been working pretty hard on it, at least on the interactions. I thought I’d share it to get some feedback, ideas, or to simply share what I’ve been doing.


The main idea is the same as my old design which is at the root of the domain, a single page personal portal, though unlike my old one, this one uses the http query string to load php includes conditionally. Though it’s largely incomplete, I’m happy about the contact form, functionality of the Page class which manages page content and reading the query string, and the script I was able to adapt from my old design which loads the blog list.

The design is loosely influenced from an older css-tricks design, and the code structure is much lighter as well.

Anyway feel free to rip it apart, I’m prepared, or pat my head, that would be nice as well.

@emgo_dev Hi, Really good keep it up !

My suggestion the links in your footer remove text- decoration…
Umm also the social links look a bit out of place, move it to center and add color or move above header right hand side corner … not sure though

Thanks for taking the time to look and reply!

Oh man, the one time I don’t override an a tag’s default styles it’s what someone suggests; I thought it was only me who had a thing against them. Do you think I could get away with separating the links more and keeping them the same, or does the look of them the problem?

I’ve actually done this before! Though it sort of conflicts with the responsiveness when the screen get’s smaller, I’d have to hide it or turn it into a menu. Did you mean to place it right of the header such as this?

Or to display it floating off to the side like in the right hand corner of the screen?

Floating of the right top hand side not in link with logo above it just a suggestion…

You could leave as is but a have a thing against them I never liked them lol…no offense to those that like them … Spacing can do good …

If anyone has advice on organizing css well within a large project I’d appreciate hearing it. I’ve gone through so many phases; I’ve adopted Sass but become overwhelmed with managing and naming files appropriately. I am now back to writing plain css and hoping to do it well until I really had a need for Sass again.

One of the things I’m getting better at is how I group my styles, though it’s still a struggle. For example grouping elements which share similar attributes rather than re-declaring them individually.

div#logo, nav#navigation, div#crumb { position: relative; display: block; width: 400px; margin: 0 auto; }

As you can also see I’m experimenting with my scope declaration, including the element along with the selector. Does anyone happen to have advice on this? I’ve come across issues with scope conflicts in the past so I thought I’d give this a shot to ensure the styles take hold on the static elements. Is this a good idea or not? Is it fine only with major elements or should it be avoided altogether.

div#crumb > p:nth-of-type(2) { background-color: #666;

Here’s another example of what I was trying to ask about, using the specificity above, but applying it to children elements.


Use SCSS or Sass. Psuedo states and elements and all sorts of stuff like that gets way easier.

You don’t have to use separate files for everything. You can have just one .scss file.

I think it’s totally useless, unless you have multiple elements with the same class but get styled differently depending on the element (& even then, you should just avoid sharing the class)
Also, classes are usually considered better to use than ids, since they can be shared and aren’t overly specific.


Thanks for the advice!

But what about id’s vs classes? I’ve initially developed a bad habit of almost exclusively using classes, which I don’t feel right about either. I do have classes by the way, probably doesn’t seem like it with the examples I’ve given. I’ve tried using id’s for the main elements of my page. Do you think that’s a fair compromise?

On including element with the id, I wasn’t sure about it, just thought I would try it out. I’ll get rid of them.

I’m still figuring out CSS stuff too, but I don’t really see anything wrong with that. I almost exclusively use element and class selectors.

I’m actually trying to use either Atomic CSS or Classy CSS in my current project, but I have to figure out the differences & pick one first :smile: I think Codecademy might be using Atomic CSS, or something similar.
Here are a couple links on that stuff if you’re interested:


Thanks a lot! From what I glimpsed in the first few paragraphs of the first link I am going to love reading those. Actually what it seems he was speaking about highlights some of my more recent struggles with building and conceptualizing my projects and their code.

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