"Tags must be paired or missing" & "Special Characters Must be Escaped"


My code seems to be working fine, however I continue to receive 2 error messages.
1st message: "Special characters must be escaped" on line 18 "< a" is highlighted as well is the closing ">" after the href URL.

2nd Message:"Tag must be paired or missing" on line 19 the < is highlighted as if the < / body> doesn't correctly close out the initial < body>.

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <title>Kelley's little BIG Adventure!</title>
  <h1> A Whole New World!</h1>
  <h2> Dont you dare close your eyes</h2>
  <br />
  <p> This is my:</p>
    <li> Very first!</li>
    <li> Brand New!</li>
    <li> From Scratch!</li>
    <p> Website! Woo!</p>
    <p> Also, here is a cute kittehs. </p>
  <a href="http://rs67.pbsrc.com/albums/h305/greytdogz/singa.jpg~c200"target="_blank"> <img src="http://rs67.pbsrc.com/albums/h305/greytdogz/singa.jpg~c200" alt=" Uno kitteh hula-ing"/></a>
</body> <!--Again, this error makes no sense-->


Your ul tag is not closed :slight_smile:


Thank you!

That helped the < /body> error.

I was continuing to get the line 18 error, however after a fresh glance, I noticed there was no "space" between the href URL and target= After putting a space back in, that seemed to solve the other error. Not sure why, but it worked.


There's meant to be a space, computers are fussy they need the code clean and tidy :wink: